PairedExpert™ Approach

The PairedExpert™ approach is RealAdvice’s groundbreaking methodology that combines the financial expertise of both the real estate appraisal and business valuation professions to produce an integrated statement of a commercial property’s accurately allocated market value.  This approach can be applied to any asset class, and is the first and only cross-disciplinary method for generating a reconciled and unified analysis and allocation of value in accordance with state laws. Each RealAdvice appraisal is signed by both an MAI designated appraiser and a CPA/ABV accredited business valuation specialist, with the expert appraiser attesting to the real property value and the expert accountant attesting to the business value. The result is an irrefutable combined valuation that has been developed to a higher standard of financial accuracy and defensibility than any other appraisal in the industry. Over twenty years of development and testing went into creating this methodology which seamlessly bridges these two professionally accepted approaches in a way that is compliant with the Daubert standard1 as well as all applicable professional, federal, and state regulations. RealAdvice services leverage the combination of these two disciplines, exceeding the highest standards of excellence from both professions.

PairedExpert is trademarked 2013 RealAdvice.