ProperTax Appraisal™

RealAdvice processes ensure that our clients maximize shareholder value by strategically eliminating phantom tax obligations at the transaction’s closing. Our ProperTax™ Appraisal report is a comprehensive appraisal document that provides a detailed analysis of all components of a commercial asset’s fair market value, including elements typically overlooked by conformist valuation methodologies. Each ProperTax Report combines the analytical power of the PairedExpert approach with the specificity and documented detail of the Authoritative Allocation Method to provide an incontrovertible statement of value. Every RealAdvice client receives a ProperTax Appriasal that is the new industry benchmark for precision, detail, and legal defensibility, and which documents the appropriately taxable value of the subject property under state and federal law.

ProperTax Appraisal is trademarked 2023 RealAdvice.