ProperTax Estimate™

The ProperTax Estimate is a two-page document summarizing economic benefits for a particular transaction, based on preliminary information provided by the client. This benefits summary is generated prior to closing. The Estimate is particularly useful in documenting the extent that RealAdvice will maximize an investment’s Year One cashflow and net operating income. Each ProperTax Estimate contains a 5-year projection of estimated property tax savings, an estimate of transfer tax savings, an estimate of asset value enhancement and increased NOI, as well as ROI calculations, and estimated operating cost reductions (per square footage and per door). The Estimates are valuable in helping RealAdvice clients bid more competitively, helping buyers and sellers find agreement at a mutually profitable purchase price, and for quantifying crucial expense savings that would otherwise make potential transactions infeasible.

ProperTax Estimate is trademarked 2023 RealAdvice.