RealAdvice’s Authoritative Allocation Method (AAM) Debuted In Landmark 9th Circuit Court Case

In a landmark case, the methodology that serves as the foundation for RealAdvice’s Authoritative Allocation Method (AAM) was recognized by an 11th Circuit Court for meeting all professional and academic requirements for high-level legal review, and for setting a new standard for professionalism in the field of commercial real estate valuation.  RealAdvice founder Todd Jones and colleague Mike Mard conducted and presented an expert valuation analysis that successfully documented $161.9 million of intangible assets, thus correcting an over-ambitious tax appraisal by Orange County, Florida on a $337 million Walt Disney resort.  A review of this analysis and the court case was published by The Counselors of Real Estate in their journal, Real Estate Issues (2019).  You can read the entire article here.

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