Valuation for Financial Reporting: Fair Value, Business Combinations, Intangible Assets, Goodwill, and Impairment Analysis

by Michael J. Mard, James R. Hitchner, and Steven D. Hyden

Michael Mard and co-authors have authored what is recognized as one of the most essential textbooks on the topic of measuring and reporting of fair value in financial statements. Now in its third edition, it provides proven guidelines, case studies, and sample reports for financial specialists and non-specialists alike who must comply with Financial Accounting Standards Board Statement of Financial Accounting Standards relevant to tangible and intangible assets valuation.

This book has been recognized as the first of its kind to have provided “real world” examples of professionally standard valuation techniques and methodologies required to perform a purchase price allocation. With editions in print since 2007, it has become a standard reference for both industry professionals and academic courses who rely upon it for its relevancy, pragmatic examples, and ease of reading, and ability to understandably convey the basics of valuing intangible assets.

While RealAdvice’s current (and more sophisticated) processes were not developed at the time of writing this book, many of the business valuation processes and applications applied by Realadvice are based on the principles it recommends for intangible valuation and allocation. The RealAdvice PairedExpert® system is the integration of the formal principles of both business valuation and real estate appraisal, combined algorithmically to create a single detailed statement of the financial value components of a property. Our process focuses academic and professionally accepted standards to quantify the tangible and intangible portions of a commercial property operation.

Praise for Valuation for Financial Reporting, Third Edition

“Writing a book on financial reporting is a challenge in and of itself, let alone to focus on the shifting sands of valuation in financial reporting. Yet, Mard and company have done it again, and this time, it is even more user-friendly, easy to read, and topical. If you intend to wade into the swift currents of providing valuation services for financial reporting, you must have Valuation for Financial Reporting in your library or on your desk!” —Neil J. Beaton, CPA/ABV, CFA, ASA, National Partner in Charge of Valuation Services, Grant Thornton, LLP

“I really like the flowcharts. The authors take the complex world of fair value measurement for business combinations and convert it to easily understandable and usable flowcharts, worksheets, and checklists.” —Gordon Goodman, Trading Control Officer, Occidental Petroleum, and member of the FASB Valuation Resource Group

“The comments on efficient markets and faithful representation in the first chapter were very (very) helpful and well written. Masterful! Great book and I look forward to adding it to the library!” —Robin E. Taylor, CPA/ABV, CFE, CVA, CBA, Dixon Hughes PLLC, and Chairman, AICPA Business Valuation Committee



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